Welcome to Caleb Leadership Ministries


“We are an international training association which seeks to empower Christian leaders around the world through a unique strategy of training, relational focus and consulting, enabling them to grow thriving ministries committed to fulfilling the Great Commission.”

“We are an international training association…”

The scope of the ministry is international. We are made up of regional and organisational constituents, who share the same understanding of mission and hold to a common philosophy, methodology and curriculum of leadership training.

“…to empower Christian leaders…”

God works through people. God’s Spirit raises up people with a love of God, a vision, burden and commitment to make a difference. Throughout history God has raised up courageous leaders to be used by Him to lead people out of darkness into light. We seek to equip God’s leaders so as to build their teams.

“…through a unique strategy of training and relationship…”

the unique strategy is to provide leadership training that changes the leaders skill level and attitudes so as to enable them to in turn transform their organisation. ‘relationship’ effects the need to resource leaders in an ongoing capacity as they work at implementing what they have learnt in their own situation. It reflects that all authentic ministry is relational.

“…who can grow thriving minstries…”

The local Church, (and its’ associated parachurch ministries) is God’s means of bringing His liberating truth into the brokenness of human experience. The Church does this by the proclamation and the incarnation of Jesus’ gospel. The local church needs to be renewed, strengthened and encouraged in its mission, both for the sake of its’ nation, and for world mission. ‘Thriving’ implies a health productive state. It does not relate to size.

“… which can fulfill the Great Commission.”

The ultimate goal of this ministry is to see people grow in their commitment to Gods’ will for His church. People with the vision understand His purpose for them; and the courage to obey. We want to see a new generation of emerging leaders committed to fulfilling the Great Commission. We want to see all Christians consider themselves as “tentmakers” in that they are on mission, regardless of how they are financed.



Visiting Sex Toy Store

Visiting Sex Toy Store

There’s nothing like going to an adult toy store because it’s something that can be fun and enjoyable. Even though many people feel like going to these types of places is taboo, it’s something that a lot of people do with no shame whatsoever. There’s nothing wrong with wanting to have a good sex life that’s healthy, especially if you’ve been with a person for many years and feel like you want to spice things up. What better place to find things to spice up your relationship than an adult toy store? You can find many kinds of toys in these Joujou.

One of the most popular toys that are in an adult toy store is the dildo, which has been around for decades, whether it was named one thing or another. These toys tend to be shaped like the male penis, and they are used by both women as well as men. Couples who are in heterosexual relationships may use these toys as a way to stimulate one or the other person or even both persons while having sex. Many who choose to perform oral sex on one another may use a dildo while doing so because it helps to make the other person orgasm that much faster.

There are even lubricants that they can be found in an adult toy store, and these lubricants can be used in many different ways. Massage someone’s body with the lubricant, use it to make intercourse easier, or use the lubricant for oral stimulation. Even those who may have problems with staying a erect when they have sexual intercourse can benefit from going to an adult toy store because they sell pills as well as sprays and more that can help with this problem.

Many of the stores will also carry pornography as well as adult videos, which are also a great way to help a relationship. Many couples will sit and watch the adult videos while they are having intercourse with one another, which tends to make the sex that much better. Not everyone will be willing to use adult toys or go into adult stores because of what they may represent, but those who are adventurous will know how much fun the stores really are. Even if you like to dress up and role-play, you can find clothing in adult stores.

Proper Paint Cleaning In Melbourne

Proper Paint Cleaning In Melbourne

That fresh coat of paint can look beautiful on your walls, but not on your floor. When interior paint spills happen it can be one of those open-mouthed gasping moments of surprise and fear all tangled into one. To help you avoid this feeling, we have compiled a list of tips to help with your Vacublast Paint Removal Melbourne.

First, realize that cleaning wet paint is much easier than dealing with dry paint later. For large paint spills try your best to scoop up as much excess paint as possible to prevent spreading. Remember to work from the outside to the inside of the spill so you don’t make it larger than it already is.

Once you get the large majority of paint scooped up, you should grab some rags or paper towels. Use these to dab up the remaining paint as best as you can. At this point, your paint cleaning in Melbourne should be pretty much taken care of. If you still notice some excess paint on the surface, there are a few other things you can do.

If you are using an acrylic paint, it can be easily removed from hardwoods and carpets with water. Don’t go overboard and soak the entire carpet. Rather when doing your acrylic paint cleaning in Melbourne, you should slightly dampen the area with cold water and use a sponge to blot up the paint. Using a detergent for extremely tough to remove paint spots can help as well.

For oil-based paint cleaning in Melbourne, you will need to use a mild thinning agent. Mineral turpentine is one that works particularly well. Be gentle and slightly blot the thinner on the paint stain. Avoid rubbing at all costs, as that will only make the problem worse. With paint thinner paint cleaning in Melbourne, it’s a good idea to do a spot test first. This will allow you to see if the thinning solution will stain your flooring before you apply it to an open area of the floor.

Once you get all the paint up with either of these methods, it’s vital that you use clean water to rinse the area where the paint was spilled. You don’t want to leave any excess paint thinner or detergent to dry up on your floor. Only use cold water when rinsing the area, as warm water will make the paint harden. To avoid major paint spill problems, we recommend covering floors and other areas of your home with plastic covers before bringing paint into them.

Branded air fresheners in your business

Branded air fresheners in your business

When you think of your marketing and branding efforts for your company, branded air fresheners might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But if you stop to think about how many potential customers are likely to see them hanging from a car’s rearview mirror and how very inexpensive they are to produce, you might just be sold on using them.

Branded air fresheners have some big advantages when it comes to their branding value. One of the big ones is that they are cheap. An air freshener costs just pennies, and putting lettering or logos on it to make it a branded air freshener doesn’t cost a whole lot more. That means that for a few hundred dollars, you can literally have thousands of branded air fresheners to either hand out for free to customers or to sell. Promotional Air Fresheners http://www.airfreshenerpromotions.com.au

Another big advantage to branded air fresheners is that they are very visible. Most people use them in their cars and hang them from the rearview mirror. That means not only will passengers see them, but also people walking or driving by. The placement of branded air fresheners on the rearview mirror is actually a distraction to people besides the driver, drawing eyes to them.

It’s clear that using branded air fresheners as part of your marketing and branding efforts can be a good idea because it is low cost and high impact. Where can you get started finding branded air fresheners for your business. You might speak to a novelty supplier or check with a gas station that sells them to find out who their supplier is. You also might be able to find a supplier by doing some research online.

Shapes 1 Colour

XLS Medical Can Improve Your Health

XLS Medical Can Improve Your Health

If you are trying to lose weight, then you should consider using XLS Medical. This is a supplement that helps suppress appetite and burn fat. Not only does this supplement help you lose weight, but it can also benefit your health in many ways.

Benefits Of XLS Medical

Improve Your Heart Health

Excess body weight can do a lot more than just ruin your self-esteem. It can also take a toll on your heart health. The excess weight causes the heart to work harder. It can also lead to health problems like high blood pressure and heart disease. Because XLS Medical can help you lose weight, it can take some of the stress off of your heart.

Reduce the Risk of Type 2 Diabetes

Type 2 diabetes is another one of the many health risks that are associated with excess body weight. This condition can lead to a number of other health issues, such as blindness and heart failure. Fortunately, you can lower your blood sugar by using XLS Medical. In fact, even if you only lose 10 percent of your body weight, you can still lower your blood sugar with xls medical direct https://www.amcal.com.au/xl-s-medical-direct-sachets—90-pack-p-5391520945434.

Lower Cholesterol

XLS Medical can help lower your cholesterol. Keep in mind that high cholesterol can lead to heart disease.

Improve Allergy Symptoms

Image for XLS Medical Direct Sachets - 90 Pack from Amcal

You may notice that your allergy symptoms improve after you start taking XLS Medical. Excess weight worsens allergy symptoms by putting an extra strain on the respiratory system and adrenal system. Losing weight will take some of the strain off of the adrenal system and respiratory system.