Branded air fresheners in your business

Branded air fresheners in your business

When you think of your marketing and branding efforts for your company, branded air fresheners might not be the first thing that comes to mind. But if you stop to think about how many potential customers are likely to see them hanging from a car’s rearview mirror and how very inexpensive they are to produce, you might just be sold on using them.

Branded air fresheners have some big advantages when it comes to their branding value. One of the big ones is that they are cheap. An air freshener costs just pennies, and putting lettering or logos on it to make it a branded air freshener doesn’t cost a whole lot more. That means that for a few hundred dollars, you can literally have thousands of branded air fresheners to either hand out for free to customers or to sell. Promotional Air Fresheners

Another big advantage to branded air fresheners is that they are very visible. Most people use them in their cars and hang them from the rearview mirror. That means not only will passengers see them, but also people walking or driving by. The placement of branded air fresheners on the rearview mirror is actually a distraction to people besides the driver, drawing eyes to them.

It’s clear that using branded air fresheners as part of your marketing and branding efforts can be a good idea because it is low cost and high impact. Where can you get started finding branded air fresheners for your business. You might speak to a novelty supplier or check with a gas station that sells them to find out who their supplier is. You also might be able to find a supplier by doing some research online.

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