Welcome to Caleb Leadership Ministries


“We are an international training association which seeks to empower Christian leaders around the world through a unique strategy of training, relational focus and consulting, enabling them to grow thriving ministries committed to fulfilling the Great Commission.”

“We are an international training association…”

The scope of the ministry is international. We are made up of regional and organisational constituents, who share the same understanding of mission and hold to a common philosophy, methodology and curriculum of leadership training.

“…to empower Christian leaders…”

God works through people. God’s Spirit raises up people with a love of God, a vision, burden and commitment to make a difference. Throughout history God has raised up courageous leaders to be used by Him to lead people out of darkness into light. We seek to equip God’s leaders so as to build their teams.

“…through a unique strategy of training and relationship…”

the unique strategy is to provide leadership training that changes the leaders skill level and attitudes so as to enable them to in turn transform their organisation. ‘relationship’ effects the need to resource leaders in an ongoing capacity as they work at implementing what they have learnt in their own situation. It reflects that all authentic ministry is relational.

“…who can grow thriving minstries…”

The local Church, (and its’ associated parachurch ministries) is God’s means of bringing His liberating truth into the brokenness of human experience. The Church does this by the proclamation and the incarnation of Jesus’ gospel. The local church needs to be renewed, strengthened and encouraged in its mission, both for the sake of its’ nation, and for world mission. ‘Thriving’ implies a health productive state. It does not relate to size.

“… which can fulfill the Great Commission.”

The ultimate goal of this ministry is to see people grow in their commitment to Gods’ will for His church. People with the vision understand His purpose for them; and the courage to obey. We want to see a new generation of emerging leaders committed to fulfilling the Great Commission. We want to see all Christians consider themselves as “tentmakers” in that they are on mission, regardless of how they are financed.



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